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(noops) n. pl. [Colloq.] New Purchases. Term used by coin dealers and other butchers of the English language to describe fresh aquisitions. Usage primarily confined to coin shows and other gatherings of people not quite presentable in polite society.

DateDenomGrade PriceDescription
18611c ANACS-63345nice, new looking coin
18701c ANACS-12440Doubled reverse, strongest doubling in series, FS-801
18721c AU55716A beatutiful, chocolate brown coin with an in-between grade
18881c AU5941Hints of red
18941c CH.AU69  
18971c G68 "1" in neck, a neat variety
19141c BU54Red/brown, nice
1938-S/S/S1c CHBU24red and nice
19551c XF13Poorman's doubled die + a small clip
1970-S1c BU49Large CUD, "we trust" gone
18723c AU172 sharp
1829H10c XF45205 
18835c XF28.50RACKETEER! Orignial plating, wearing off in unprotected areas.
18895c VF46 
1916-D5c AU108  
1997 T15c GEM BU16.50 multiple strikes, slightly oversized
????5c AU9 A blank nickel planchet
183710c G 30Nice Bust type coin
1840-O10c XF45 193No Drapery
189210c AU 51Great 1st year type coin
189810c CHBU 190turquoise/russet toning -- a real beauty
1916-S10c AU+ 84Barber. Has a DDO on obv "MER"
1942/110cBU2100The major overdate in UNC!
1875-CC20cVG375Much scarcer than the 75-S
182825c F242original
183525c AU+780Reddish/blue toning.
185525c AU258Arrows. Rose colored with blue periphery
1877-CC25c F85  
1897-S25c NGC643550White and very rare
1916-D/D25c G71scarce D over D mintmark
1918-S25c AU55114 
182150c G62An excellent type coin, near full rims both sides
1859-O50cAU59395This was in the same collection as above. The toning is dramatic on this, Gold, blue, red surround a white, mirror portrait on both sides.
189350c XF23Columbian half, dark
189350c AU365flashy Barber
193950c CHBU18NY world's fair - Met Life. Brass color token, Very attractive design
1802/1$1 VF30+3490Bolender-4. close date. R-4!! Mintage 41,650 - a true rarity, especially this nice !
1803$1 VG950A few reverse rim dings but a very nice example of a 211 year old dollar!
1887-O$1PCI651950Bullseye gold/reddish periphery OBV. Rev white
1887-S$1PCI652490Nice and wite. Just like it was when it was minted
1895-S$1 VF30975nice high grade
1974-S$1 NGC-PF6921CAMEO, Silver
1844-D$5XF212588,892 were all that were minted. Dahlonega mintmarked gold coins were from America's first gold rush. This one has some nicks and pinpricks, evidence of use when it was a kingly sum of money.
1875-S $1 F21 Cast COUNTERFEIT trade dollar
1880 $1 G-VG18Lead COUNTERFEIT Morgan dollar, crudely done
1907 5c VG9Cast COUNTERFEIT Liberty nickel

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