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U.S. Coins Bought, Sold and Appraised


 Let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Jurek and I am an ANA life member (#4794).

I have been buying, selling and trading coins for over 30 years. I have been in a shop (1983-86), a vest-pocket dealer (1974-87), in mail-order (1981-2014), and as a regular dealer setting up at various coin shows (1990-2014). I've kept this web site going for 17 years now to give more folks access to my service.

I try to buy for collectors who wish to assemble sets of US coins by date and mint. I also keep an eye out for high-end type pieces and nice BU coins. At any time I should have (or be able to find) most key and semi-key coins from the Barber series to date.

I have taken ANA courses on Counterfeit Detection, Grading US coins and Grading Mint State US coins. I have passed all three courses with high honors. I use ANA, Photograde and common sense in grading.

If you like honesty and want a no-nonsense dealer to handle your collecting needs, drop me a note. I'll be happy to help.

I have had only 13 people return coins in the last 27 years for any reason.


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