U.S. Certified (Slabbed) Coins

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-Date- DenomGrade PriceDescription
18701c ANACS-12440Doubled reverse, strongest doubling in series, FS-801
1944D/S1c ANACS-651150RED DDO #2
18722c NGC-12725 sorry no discount. Reverse is VF+  
18675cPCI-G642With rays variety. Green label
18725cPCI-15105Doubled obverse. FS-007
1925-D5cPCGS-2079rotated reverse too 
1937-D5c NGC-2510903-Legged variety. Prices continue to increase. Sorry no discount
1938-D/S5c NGC-65182 great coin
1941-D10cPCI-5049D/D variety. The bold one
1892-O25cANACS-50221FS 7.9 RPD, cleaned
1846/650cANACS-459506 over horizontal 6, very bold, early die state.dark
1943-D50cPC1-4051DDO (skirt) red label - cleaned
1974-D50c ANACS-64152Nice DDO. FS-015 
1878 8TF$1 PCI-EF4063VAM-4
1878 7/8TF$1 PCI-VF3059VAM 36
1888-O$1ANACS-674HOT Lips variety  

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